The Fight for the Future of Commercial Marijuana Land Use

The land use issues raised by marijuana are constantly changing around us, creating new legal landscapes that have a very real effect on our day to day lives. As the laws regarding marijuana become increasingly decriminalized, even legalized, a new kind of store front can be found in the communities in which we live. By surveying the current land use issues in states like Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado, it will become increasingly clear what types of regulation help achieve our communities’ policy goals and the aspects that frustrate them. The regulatory framework for marijuana land use issues in these states will then be juxtaposed with California’s to help us evaluate how our own regulatory framework is effecting our goals of minimizing social harms and maximizing social benefits. Ultimately this can help with how we approach regulatory issues in the future, with the impending closures of San Jose dispensaries as an immediate example.

I am a second year law student at Santa Clara University School of Law, and focus on Land Use, Water Rights, and Commercial Real Estate. I have worked at places that have been greatly affected by these areas of law and hope to make changes that will help improve people’s lives and businesses. I pursue these areas as the sine qua non to making this goal possible. With an understanding of these fields, I also have a niche focus in the area of Wine Law. I see parallels to the wine industry, and thereby fiscal opportunity and well-being for Californians as the cannabis market gains increasing legal stature.


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