Marijuana Taxation: Can Taxes Help Shape a “Healthy” Marijuana Market?

Alexa Quinn
J.D. Candidate 2016

Can marijuana legalization raise revenue and eliminate the black market? And can marijuana taxes help offset other social harms attributed to marijuana use? My research will try to answer these questions through comparing the different approaches taken by Colorado and Washington in structuring their recreational marijuana markets. I’ll also look at the lessons we learned from taxing and regulating the alcohol and tobacco industries. Legalization forces us to consider a number of issues. My focus is on the benefits and drawbacks of taxation schemes and market structures as they relate to eliminating the black market, normalizing use, and sustaining the recreational market (e.g., price control, revenue, etc.). My goal is to weigh the social tradeoffs inherent to the various ways to tax marijuana and establish what the best options are for California. In the end, I think we’ll find that California can better serve its goals by establishing recreational marijuana taxes and regulatory schemes that simply pay the costs to oversee the legalized system and do not function as a “get rich quick” plan for the state.

About the Author:

Alexa Quinn is a lifelong resident of the Golden State. Ms. Quinn grew up in sunny southern California and completed her undergraduate degree in the very diverse city of San Francisco. She is a second year law student at Santa Clara University School of Law. She recognizes the immense change marijuana legalization can bring to her home state. California has an opportunity to give its voters a marijuana initiative that is, among other things, sound, fiscally responsible, feasible, and represents the entrepreneurial and innovative style of its residents. It is important to Ms. Quinn that the 2016 California ballot initiative seizes the opportunity to create balanced and informed policy. To see future posts by this author please follow this blog. You can also follow Alexa Quinn on twitter @aquinn_dlp.

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