The Rest of the Reading

Continuing my discussion of Doug Berman’s canon post, I wanted to talk about the reading for our class. I’ve only discussed the reading we’ve done so far (and will probably not get into the reading we’re doing in subsequent weeks unless I suddenly start finding more time in the day), but I’ve left out part of my requirements: that students read the news and blogs.

I do have canonical blogs, and I’m sure some of them will change over time. But all of the blogs in the blogroll (to the right of this post) are assigned reading, as is a Google News alert on marijuana.  Students know that the field is changing and we need to have up-to-date knowledge of the scientific and regulatory framework which we’re dealing with.  At the same time, I think it’s been extremely helpful to have the more in-depth knowledge that the reading in the prior article provides.

As we’ve said, most of our shorter hit-and-run posts will be on our twitter feed (@druglawpolicy).  Different teams of students rotate responsibility for the twitter feed each day.  Most of our blog posts here will be of at least a couple of paragraphs.

Thanks for reading so far—and now, here are my students…

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